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                TANK Transportation and Leasing

                TANK Lease Service.

                TANK Marine-Land-Railway Combined Transport.

                Storage (general cargo warehouse, storage of liquid tanks of class 3/class 6/class 8/general chemicals, storage lease of liquid tanks of class 3/class 6/class 8/general chemicals)

                TANK Customs Clearance and Inspection Application Business.
                TANK Dangerous Goods Maritime Declaration
                According to the mode of trade of the customers (FOB, CIF, DDU, DAP, DDP, etc.), the company can provide multiple transportation such as TANK DOOR-CY, TANK CY-CY, TANK CY-DOOR and TANK DOOR-DOOR.
                With years of TANK transportation operation and the operation concept of keeping improving of the team, the service network of the company has basically covered most of the trading countries in the world. The tanks are delivered to the markets in India (Nhava Sheva, Chennai, New Delhi, etc.), Pakistan (Karachi, etc.), Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, America, Canada, Europe, etc.

                TANK tank clearance and inspection business.
                TANK Tank Dangerous Goods Maritime Declaration.
                According to customers'trade methods (FOB, CIF, DDU, DAP, DDP, etc.), our company can provide TANK tank DOOR-CY door-to-port, TANK tank CY-CY port-to-port, TANK tank CY-DOOR port-to-door, TANK tank DOOR door-to-door and other transportation.
                After many years of TANK tank transportation operation and team excellence, our service network basically covers most of the world's major trading countries to transport TANK tanks to India (Nawahiwa & Chennai & New Delhi, etc.), Pakistan (Karachi, etc.), Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mecca, Europe and other markets.

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