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                Cargo insurance

                According to the request of the customers, Anyway can assure the customers with the transportation insurance for imported and exported goods. There are four types of international cargo transportation insurance provided by Anyway, marine, overland, air and parcel post. As a supporting service of international freight business, Anyway can provide the customers with a relatively low premium rate.
                Main risks
                The marine cargo transportation insurance mainly covers: F.P.A., W.A. and all risks.
                The overland cargo transportation insurance covers: overland transportation risks and overland transportation all risks.
                Air cargo transportation insurance covers: air risks and air transportation all risks.
                Parcel post insurance covers: parcel post risks and parcel post all risks.
                II. Additional Risks
                (1) The additional risks in the scope of all risks include: pilferage, risk of non-delivery, rain fresh water damage, risk of shortage in weight, etc. If all risks are covered, any additional risk will be covered.
                (2) Special additional risks. Special additional risks not within the scope of all risks are mainly: import duty risk, on deck risk, seller’s contingent risk, Hong Kong and Macao fire risk, insect damage risk, etc.
                (3) SSpecific additional risks refer to war risk and strike risk.

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