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                Customs declaration

                       The company is devoted to providing the import and export enterprises with high-quality, rapid and convenient customs brokerage and inspection application service. It specially provides the import and export enterprises with the following services: electronic record of inspection application data of imported and exported goods, inspection agency of products in import and export legal inspection catalog, handling of certificate of origin as agent, payment of inspection and quarantine fee on behalf, contacting inspection and quarantine matters for the enterprises, relevant business consulting, etc. The company adheres to “rigorous, earthy, united and enterprising” enterprise ethos, “dedicated, devoted, progressive and explosive” enterprise spirits as well as the operation principle that “quality originates from details, accomplishment originates from vigorousness and efficiency originates from professionalism”!

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                備案號:魯ICP備16014909號-2 山東恩威國際貨運代理有限公司