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                Railway transportation

                      The company provides railway transportation from Shandong to inland cities as well as from China to neighboring countries such as Russia and Vietnam.
                1. Transport of the containers to Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Latvia and five countries in central Asia, etc. through Manzhouli/Zabaikalsk, and its opposite direction;
                2. Transport of the containers to five countries in central Asia including Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan through Alataw Pass/Dostyk, and its opposite direction;
                3. Transport of the containers to Mongolia through Erenhot/Zamyn-Uud, and its opposite direction;
                4. Transport of the containers to North Korea through Danton/Sinuiju, and its opposite direction;
                5. Transport of the containers to Russia, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, etc. through VOSTOCHNY, and its opposite direction;
                6. Transport of the containers to Russian Far East through Suifenhe/GRODEKOVO, and its opposite direction.
                7. Transport of the containers to Vietnam through Pingxiang/Tongdeng, and its opposite direction.

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