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                Ocean Shipping

                Sea Transportation Export Department
                In the Sea Transportation Export Department of the company, specially-assigned personnel are responsible for space booking, site loading supervision, document preparation, customs brokerage, application for inspection, etc. We will provide perfect agency service and low freight rate and timely feed back the information of the goods.
                Sea Transportation Import Department
                With powerful agency network, the company gets engaged in various businesses related to import, no matter for container import, consolidation import or bulk cargo import, specially-assigned personnel will be responsible for import devanning business and import picking and provide door-to-door service.
                The company operates the domestic and international air transportation service, signs transportation agreements with multiple airlines and establishes a good relationship with the customs, warehouse and ticket service of the airports. In addition, it has business contact with airlines of Beijing Airport for years, expands its operation scope and can timely transship the goods for the customers.

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