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                Dangerous Goods Transportation

                       Has nearly ten years of chemical, dangerous goods transportation experience. We have a complete dangerous goods transportation/inspection/loading/unloading/warehousing/declaration system. From the time of cargo booking, there will be a person responsible for the whole process of cargo. The cargo will report the current situation to you in time and provide suggestions and help from every link after leaving the factory until it gets on board and arrives at the port, so as to completely solve your worries. The company's Dangerous Goods Transportation System includes several exclusive convoys for land transportation of dangerous goods, with special dangerous goods inspectors/declarers. It can provide fast and convenient dangerous goods declaration and approval business, and equipped with special loading and unloading teams. It can provide services such as tray wrapping film, loading and supporting, fumigation, packing and strengthening, dangerous goods labeling and making posters, on-site monitoring and photographing. Operators are highly skilled, familiar with the nature of most chemicals/dangerous goods, understand the shipping requirements of various shipping companies, can quickly apply for space, and be able to put forward opinions on the various processes in the transport process to ensure the safety of transport.

                The company can undertake the import and export agency of the dangerous goods of Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 

                Class 2: Gas: inflammable gas; nonflammable and non-toxic gas; toxic gas.

                Class 3: Inflammable liquid; liquid desensitized explosives. 

                Class 4: Inflammable solid; spontaneously flammable substances; substances evolving inflammable gas when wet.

                Class 5: Oxidizing substances and organic peroxides.

                Class 6: Toxic and infectious substances.

                Class 8: Corrosive substances.

                Class 9: Miscellaneous dangerous substances and goods (Class 9) and environmentally hazardous substances

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