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                What capabilities should freight forwarders have

                At present, many daily necessities are purchased by foreign institutions. Because many food and clothing are imported from abroad to ensure quality and safety, the agency company serves this industry. With the increase of demand, the number of agency is increasing year by year. So what kind of agency company is trustworthy?
                I. professional
                Foreign importers and exporters of goods can do their work alone, but they need to take many detours. The advantages of authoritative agency companies are reflected in their expertise. Because they have been working in the import and export industries for a long time, they have a profound understanding of the materials and samples required for customs inspection. They can get ready before entering the customs without wasting too much time. Merchants'products can be sold at home within a specified time. An experienced and professional agency company is worth choosing.
                Two, scale
                Some small organizations can also import and export goods, but the scale is small and the safety is not high. A popular agency should have a very large scale. Only by mass production can they have large transport equipment to help manufacturers do a lot of import and export business, such as timber. When users are ready to cooperate for a long time, they can check the size of the agent on the spot. Shanghai's import agencies are large in scale and strong in capability, which is worth choosing.
                Three, price
                No industry can ignore this price, because it determines the service level and ability of the agency company. Some import companies have very low prices, but because of the long shipping time and poor customs clearance capacity, this not only affects the transport of users, but also wastes a lot of money. When choosing, the user can check the general price according to the company's service ability, and compare it with other companies to select the agent company with the right price and ability.
                Choosing a suitable agent company can solve the problem of customs clearance and solve various import and export problems for customers. The agent company that is worth choosing has rich experience and ability to solve the import and export problems of most commodities.

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